Sustainability is Key to Manufacturing Successfully

Turn on the TV, search online or open a newspaper and you’ll no doubt see a story regarding single use plastic, energy usage and the ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint to help the planet. Sustainability is a word used throughout the manufacturing industry and has never been as widely discussed as it is today, with the building sector being no exception as great lengths are taken to meet increasingly stringent targets and standards.

Here at Sika Everbuild we are dedicated to making continuous improvements to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of waste produced throughout every aspect of the business. From the initial manufacturing process right through to distribution our aim is to ensure we are operating at our most efficient level, creating the least amount of impact as possible.

With a plant producing in excess of 55 million cartridges a year alongside a huge number of products including PVA’s, fillers and building chemicals, waste is something which cannot be avoided yet with strict rules in place it can be kept to a minimum. In 2017 our total waste disposal costs were reduced by 12%, a fantastic result which were achieved through a variety of means including improving a number of production processes and increasing the amount of waste which is recycled.

The target for 2019 is to reduce this figure by a further 10%, a result which is set to be achieved through the introduction of specialist waste teams with the factory, challenged with generating and developing ideas to reduce waste within the company.

Plastic is the current topic on everyone’s lips with initiatives in place to reduce the amount used within both the business sectors and personal use. During 2018 a major project to reduce the amount of plastic used was undertaken within the company, a project which resulted in a staggering 20% reduction in plastic used totalling 125 tonnes.

Logistics are a key part of any business, essential in transporting goods produced to customers around the country, however with increasing air pollution and global warming fears we are constantly striving to improve our distribution methods. In 2018 we made enhancements to the way in which goods are delivered between the three Sika sites within the UK which resulted in 338 fewer trucks being out on the road, a figure which is set to improve on year on year.

Improvements to the Sika Everbuild site in Leeds has been a high priority with developments being continuously made to ensure we are as energy efficient as possible. From replacing all lighting to low energy lights throughout office, factory and warehouse space to improving the envelope of the building to prevent heat loss, the target of achieving a 3% reduction in 2019 will be easily achieved.

Finally, here at Sika Everbuild we pride ourselves on quality and strive to provide world class assurance through an ISO 9001 quality system, an ISO 14001 environmental standard and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard, all accredited by SGS. These standards along with CE approved products and comprehensive fire, acoustic and thermal testing give the reassurance of dealing with a company that is setting industry leading standards in product testing and compliances.