Plasterboard Tape

Sika Everbuild’s plasterboard tape can be used across a variety of applications, including preparation, construction and repairing of plasterboard.

The industry-leading Euroscrim can joint dry walling, fix plaster cracks and repair ceiling work. A crucial addition to any toolkit, Sika Everbuild’s plasterboard joint tape is a must-have. 

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The plasterboard tape that can do it all

Euroscrim is a true all-rounder and can be used as plasterboard joint tape, corner, scrim or repair tape.

It’s easy to apply, with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that eliminates the need for pre-plastering, while its fibreglass reinforcement and open mesh will not bubble or blister, giving lasting results.

Whether you’re jointing dry wall, repairing large cracks in plaster or working on a ceiling, Euroscrim plasterboard tape will get the job done.

Euroscrim: The Builders’ Brand plasterboard tape 

Just like all our trade-quality materials, Euroscrim plasterboard tape is backed up by our quarter-century of experience in bringing quality solutions to the trade. 

We offer a wide range of professional trade tapes and offer swift delivery if your customers require a new product.

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