General Purpose Silicone Sealants

Our general purpose silicone sealants are suited to a vast range of applications across both domestic and commercial settings and guarantee long-lasting results.

General Purpose Silicone help the trade go from job to job quicker, without the need for switching out products and restocking for each task.


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General purpose sealants to get any job done

Everbuild General Purpose Silicone is a mid-modulus silicone sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. Its anti-fungal compound is mould-resistant in areas of high humidity, while the product’s low viscosity makes for fast application from a cartridge gun. 

GP Silicone sealant is also available in an easy-squeeze tube, perfect for smaller touch-ups and quick fixes.

Trust general purpose sealants from The Builders’ Brand

Our entire range of sealants is developed on the back of more than 25 years’ worth of industry expertise and our GP silicone sealants are no different.

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