Following the update about our legal integration to become Sika Ltd, we have moved our online shopping portal into the Sika eShop portal.

If you already hold an Everbuild online ordering account, you will have received an email from Sika containing a link for automatic registration. If this email hasn’t been received, please contact us at eshop@uk.sika.com.

If you don’t currently hold an online account and would like access, please request to register

Please note, any orders placed on the Sika eShop from 14 December until the 31 December will be delivered in January 2023.”

Account Support FAQs

Everbuild has been a Sika Limited company since 2013. This is the final piece of the legal integration between Everbuild and Sika to becoming one statutory organisation. This brings system and process efficiencies, giving you an improved customer experience.

The last date for processing sales orders was 2pm on 6 December 2022. All deliveries required in December 2022 must have been received by this date

Please call your account manager to discuss.

Yes, however the order must be addressed to Sika Limited, not Everbuild Building Products Limited. The order will be entered onto the system once available.

From 3 January 2023, your Everbuild Building Products Limited customer account will be inactive, and your Sika Limited account must be used.

Yes, the existing Everbuild product codes will be replaced by the Sika SGAN, these are readily available from your local account manager.

All orders should be sent to distribution.sales@uk.sika.com.

Key account orders should be sent to distribution.keyaccounts@uk.sika.com

The last order date for the Everbuild eShop for delivery in 2022 was 2pm on 6 December. Deliveries for January 2023 can be placed as forward orders on the Sika eShop from 14 December.

For any January 2023 deliveries, customers will be able to place forward orders in the Everbuild eShop from 7 December 2022 until 14 December 2022.

If you have an Everbuild eShop account, you will receive a new registration email from Sika on 14 December 2022. Follow the link in the email. Your details will be pre-registered, simply set up your new password.

Complete the contact form via this link. https://gbr.sika.com/en/contact-us.html

Please email eshop@uk.sika.com with any questions

Using the Sika eShop gives you the opportunity to order at a time that is convenient for you, and brings a range of other benefits:

· Bring all your ordering into one eShop account

· Easy access to your orders and invoices placed with Sika Limited

· Create multiple wish lists to store new products, or re-order instantly

· Easy to use search facility to find product you know

· See your full order price at checkout

· Access the latest product information and datasheets in one place