Plumbing and Heating Supplies

Explore our full range of trade plumbing supplies, featuring industry favourites such as Plumbers Gold, P13 Plumbers Putty and P16 PVC Pipe Cement. From clearing a blockage to repairing pipework, our professional plumbing supplies are suitable for a variety of applications.

This range also includes several specialist products such as the P18 Gas Leak Detector. Simply register or login to your Sika Everbuild account to order your chosen plumbing supplies for UK delivery in three working days.

A range of plumbing supplies for every application

Our range includes a variety of central heating treatments for protecting against scale and sludge, removing residue from new systems and restoring circulation to older ones.

You’ll find sealants and adhesives for all bathroom, wet room, kitchen and plumbing materials, plus putty for sealing and bedding soil pipes, joints, sinks and wastewater fittings. We stock soldering paste for joint areas too.

For exterior jobs, our roof plumbing supplies include pipe cement designed for bonding uPVC and ABS non-pressure pipes. And to trace potentially costly and dangerous leaks, our gas leak detector can identify small amounts of most common gases.

Get trade plumbing supplies from the UK’s leading supplier

There are several reasons to trust The Builders’ Brand for your trade plumbing supplies:

  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • A vast selection of quality products produced in the UK
  • World-class customer service with three-day delivery

Ready to order? Register or login to your Sika Everbuild account to buy what you need online. You can speak to our friendly sales team should you have any questions first.

We share handy tips on our blog too, like these simple hacks for the perfect seal.

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