Choose from this full range of professional-grade bitumen and roofing supplies designed to add a weatherproof coating, whether your customers need bitumen paint or a primer so that surfaces are ready for painting.

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Bitumen paint, adhesives, and primers are ideal for areas that need to be made waterproof and robust enough to face the elements. While bituminous coatings are most commonly used for outdoor surfaces, such as roofs, metal guttering, railings and fences, some items in our range can also be used indoors for certain applications.

Our bitumen range includes paints and primers suited to most common building surfaces and offering effective waterproofing. Our Black Jack Black Bitumen Paint is a robust, fast-drying bituminous paint that’s suitable for use on concrete, metals and as an overcoat for wood and felt. To prep surfaces, Bitumen and Flashing Primer provides an added protective coating before bitumen paints, roof coatings or flashing are applied.

We also stock bitumen Roof Felt Adhesive, which is used to bond roofing felt to surfaces, and bitumen Solar Reflective Paint, an aluminium protective paint that reduces heat absorption on metal roofs and walls. 

High-quality bitumen and roofing products 

As well as stocking bitumen paints, we also supply a full selection of roofing products. Liquid Roof is a waterproofing system that works on roof repairs, new projects and extensions, while Evercryl is a roof repair compound that works on all common roofing surfaces. Register for an account today or login to order what you need and we’ll deliver your items in three working days.

Thanks to our 25 years’ industry experience, we know bitumen and roofing products and can help with any questions you have. Contact us to find out more about our products and for hints and tips check out our blog, where you’ll find our guide to repairing a roof.