Check out our floor priming products, designed to create the ideal surface for the trade to install flooring onto rather than applying it directly to difficult substrates.

This range contains trusted primers from Sika, developed for easy and rapid application with a quality finish.

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Easy-to-apply water and epoxy-based primers

Sika Primer MB is an epoxy resin-based primer which also creates a moisture barrier on cement-based substrates. With good penetration and stabilisation on a range of substrates, this is a dependable primer no matter the situation. 

This two-component epoxy primer is also compatible with SikaBond elastic adhesives when using wood floor bonding on critical substrates.

For a solvent-free, water dispersed epoxy resin primer, SikaFloor -155 WN offers the solution when looking for product that’s suitable for unventilated areas. It’s great for applying over highly absorbent substrates, allowing for full confidence when constructing on top of it.

Trust The Builders’ Brand to provide quality primers 

There primers form part of our core range of building products, backed by 25 years of experience in supporting the trade to uphold the highest standards.

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