Foam Ancilliaries

Our foam ancillaries, including foam guns have been designed specifically for the trade. These industry-leading expanding foam guns and accessories can be used to easily guide and extract expanding foam into designated areas.

This collection includes the P65 Medium Duty Metal Gun, a precise foaming tool that reduces the amount of unnecessary waste. 

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Heavy-duty foam guns and ancillaries built to last

The P65 Heavy Duty Metal Gun is an extremely precise foaming gun that has great accuracy and can be used to insulate areas with foam. It is ideal for professional use when adding foam to hard-to-reach places. P45 Medium Duty Metal Gun is also ideal for cutting down on wastage.

The Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner is an expanding foam gun cleaner used to remove wet and uncured foam. This can also be used to remove wet foam from most building substrates.

Quality products and services from The Builders’ Brand

Our foam applicator guns have been created off the back of over 25 years of supporting the trade, like our full range of industry-leading expanding foam.

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