Sealing and Protecting

Browse our range of sealing supplies created to make any landscaping jobs as straightforward as possible. 

Whether it’s block paving sealer, natural stone sealer or otherwise, these products are exactly what the trade needs to take care of everything.

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Stone sealer for any type of exterior paving or patio

There’s a wide range of sealers you may be looking for – paving slab sealer, patio stone sealer, sandstone paving sealer, and more. Some stones or styles call for specialist sealing, and we stock products designed to take care of practically any job.

Resiblock Trade is an all-purpose sealer, made for most natural stone, clay block paving and flag paving. With its unique drying system, it becomes completely clear and is completely solvent-free. This makes it suitable for internal use.

409 Block Guard uses a solvent-based acrylic coating to bind jointing sand between pavers or flags in external applications. This forms a durable seal and penetrates deep into the stone itself to create a protective layer, curing through solvent evaporation.

Sika Stone Protector utilises a water-based formula to provide protection suitable for all natural stone, including as an Indian stone sealer and a limestone paving sealer. A single coat is enough to provide protection for spillages and water penetration, drying in under 3 hours.

Trust the Builders’ Brand for your sealing needs

Everything within our landscaping range is backed by 25 years of experience in working with the trade to craft products of the best possible quality.

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