Wall Finishing

Take a look at our industry-leading wall finishing products, perfect for using to put the final touches on interior and exterior walls.

Select between 505 Plasterers Gripcoat or 507 Rendagrip, both designed for those in the trade to ensure a perfect finish on all kinds of wall surfaces.

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Bonding render designed for the perfect finish

505 Plasterers Gripcoat
This high-performance bonding agent is designed to deliver an outstanding surface on interior walls before applying plaster. 505 Plasterers Gripcoat provides assistance when decorating difficult substrates like plasterboards, glossy paints, MDF or similar.
It contains a fine aggregate that adds an improved key to the surface and acts as a grip coating. A single coat is all it takes to transform a surface into something that can be skimmed over with ease. The blue hue also ensures an even coverage and helps to avoid accidentally missing any key areas.

507 Rendagrip
Acting as a top-quality render bonding agent, 507 Rendagrip excels at external wall finishing applications. Applying a coat to an external wall assists when bonding render to surfaces such as concrete, lightweight blockwork and brick.
The red colour of the bonding agent helps to track where the coat has been applied to and it can be put directly onto damp surfaces. It also provides a waterproof finish and reduced suction for porous substrates.

Trust The Builders’ Brand for wall finishing 

These bonding agents are designed for trade users, making sure they have access to the best products possible when it comes to wall finishing.

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