Chemical Anchors

Explore our full range of high-strength chemical resin anchors for the trade, including industry favourites such as Anchorset Red 300 and Anchorset Green 300.

From securing machinery into floors to fixing wall ties, our professional chemical resin anchors are suitable for a wide variety of applications. This range also features various specialist products with rapid-curing and chemical-resistant properties.

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Chemical resin anchors that stand the test of time

The Anchorset range is made up of rapid-curing chemical resin anchors designed for high-strength fixing of railings, satellite dishes, signs, brackets and other fixtures which carry heavy loads.

As well as Anchorset Red 300 and Anchorset Green 300, we also offer a handy alternative for smaller applications, Anchorset Green 150, which does not skimp on any of the durability. The easy-to-use twin-bag system means all three can be operated by a standard sealant gun.

For heavy-duty uses, Sikadur 31 will adhere to concrete elements, hard natural stone and steel. Sikadur 33 is a similar formula, supplied in a cartridge with an in-line mixer tip. Sikaflex-11FC+ is a one-part, gun-grade dual-purpose adhesive and sealing compound of permanent elasticity.

Get chemical resin anchors from The Builders’ Brand

No matter what application you need it for, we’re confident our range of chemical resin anchors and wider selection of building products will get the job done to the highest standard.

Our world-class products are backed up by our industry-leading service, so do get in touch if you have any questions about our chemical resin anchors or any other products.

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