Sealant Removers

Browse our range of silicone sealant removers developed by our experts for trade use. For times when rapid sealant removal is required for a freshly applied sealant, our sealant removers do just the trick. 

Including the Seal Rite Strip-Out Tool and Everflex Silicone Eater, Sika Everbuild’s range of sealant removers is perfect for getting rid of sealant residue from a wide range of surfaces.

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How to remove silicone sealant?

For seamless removal of old sealant, the patented Seal Rite Strip-Out Tool is ideal for use before applying fresh sealants. Simple by shape and design, the award-winning tool is perfect for quickly stripping silicone from 90-degree joints. 

A Seal Rite Strip-Out & Smooth-Out Tool Twin Pack provides the ideal combination for seamlessly removing old sealant and smoothing the replacement for a perfect seal.

Harmless to most surrounding surfaces but harsh on old sealants, Everflex Silicone Eater gel readily denatures silicone. A revolutionary chemical, the ready-for-use gel is the trusted favourite for sealant removal in bathrooms and kitchens.

Sealant removers you can trust from The Builders’ Brand 

Our innovative sealant removers have been developed with knowledge built up over a quarter-century. The silicone sealant removers from Sika Everbuild have helped countless tradespeople get the job done, much like the rest of our sealants.   

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