Our range of pointing products is designed to help give an easy, consistent finish to masonry when improving the look of mortar joints. 

We provide both liquid and powder mortar tone in a variety of colours, allowing the desired finish to be achieved when creating a mortar mix for pointing.

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Pointing products designed for the trade

208 Powder Mortar Tone offers a range of powdered oxide pigments which easily disperse into the mortar mix. This creates pointing mortar in a uniform shade which can be adjusted according to preference of colour depth. 

For something which can disperse easier, 209 Liquid Mortar Tone can be poured into ready mixed pointing mortar. 

208 Powder Mortar Tone comes in black, red, brown, marigold, and buff colourations as a simple solution for creating coloured pointing mortar. 209 Liquid Mortar Tone currently only comes in black.

Both of these products can also improve the trowelability of whatever they’re mixed with due to the addition of a plasticiser. 

Carry out pointing using The Builders’ Brand

By stocking these building products, you’ll give trade users what they need to deal with all manner of pointing requirements.

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