How to Repair a Crack in Brick or Stonework with Jetcem Rapid Repair Cement

Noticing a crack in stone or brickwork can be a huge inconvenience as this could mean the damaged area needs to be removed and replaced with costly building material. However, there are products on the market which are designed for exactly this type of job, allowing the area to be repaired rather than replaced.

Here we give a step by step guide to carrying out a repair in brickwork using Everbuild Jetcem Rapid Repair Cement; a quick setting (30 minute) patching repair compound that is suitable for repairing gaps and cracks in bricks, masonry stones, steps, kerbstones and more. hgh

Step One:

Everbuild Jetcem Rapid Repair Cement is suitable for cracks with a fill depth of up to 25mm. Start by cleaning the area to be repaired and ensure it is free of dust, grease and dirt before thoroughly wetting the surface. Any residue left behind could cause the mortar to not bond correctly and become loose once set.

Step Two:

Using clean, dry tools, mix 3 parts Jetcem Rapid Repair Cement with 1-part clean, cold water until it forms a smooth paste. As cement can set quickly, don’t mix more than can be used in 5-10 minutes as the product will start to set in the mixing vessel.

Step Three:

Immediately apply the cement mix using a trowel or knife, making sure it is worked well into the area of which you’re repairing to allow it to form a strong bond with the brickwork.

Step Four:

Once the crack has been filled and repaired, level the cement with the surrounding area within 10 minutes before the product starts to set to achieve a perfect finish. A quick setting time is one of the main advantages of using this product, taking just 30 minutes to fully set meaning there’s no waiting around before moving onto your next job.

Ensure all tools are cleaned immediately with water after use and store any leftover product in the closed bag in a cool, dry place.

The Everbuild Jetcem concrete repair range comprises of four products to suit a variety of application needs; Jetcem Rapid Repair Cement, Jetcem Deep Rapid Repair Sand and Cement mix Jetcem Waterproof Rapid Repair Cement and Jetcem Plaster Rapid Repair.

For further information about which product is most suitable for your requirements or for more application advice, please contact our Technical Services department on 0113 200 9417 or email