Browse our range of multi-purpose and premium window putties. Suitable for metal, softwood and hardwood frames, our putties are easy to apply and help to prevent cracking. 

Among the range is our Multi-Purpose Linseed Oil Putty, available in natural or brown colour and four different pack sizes, depending on the size of your project. Alternatively, Butyl Putty is specially formulated for double-glazed timber window units that will be using timber beading. 

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Find the right glazier’s putty for your project 

  • 101 Multi-Purpose Putty: This linseed oil putty has an extended shelf life and is noted for its ease of application. Suited for use in single glazing of pre-treated wooden and metal rebates.
  • 102 Butyl Glazing Compound: A butyl putty for glazing, suitable for use with laminated or heat-absorbing glass, bedding insulated glass units or in glazing greenhouses – whether metal or timber. Its added plasticiser improves adhesion and helps prevent cracking.
  • 103 Trowel Mastic: This premium oil-based mastic is an ideal wood filler putty for perimeter pointing around wood and metal window and doorframes. Trowel applied, it forms a weather-tight seal. It is also suitable for repointing brickwork and for bedding windows or doorframes into their surrounds.

You can trust The Builders’ Brand

Our window putties are designed and developed to offer a top-class finish, just like our entire building supplies range. 

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