Adhesive Accessories

Our adhesive accessories are designed by experts to make the job in hand easier. Whether for commercial or domestic trade jobs, our adhesive accessories guarantee a high-quality finish. 

Browse our range of adhesive accessories designed for trade use, including the handy Pinkgrip Dryfix Applicator Gun and Smart Tack Bulk Tank, which is brilliant for bigger jobs.

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Adhesive accessories for fast results

Part of our range of adhesive accessories is the powerful Pinkgrip Dryfix Applicator Gun. Designed for use with Pinkgrip Dryfix FR, it makes trade jobs a breeze. Cutting down the time it takes by up to 30%, it’s ideal for projects where time is of the essence. 

For bigger jobs that require that little bit extra, our handy Smart Tack Bulk Tank, Smart Tack Bulk Tank Gun and corresponding Hose are the perfect trio. An advanced spraying system that outperforms conventional contact adhesives, the Bulk Tank kit can cover 120m2 of laminate in record time.

Adhesive accessories designed by The Builders’ Brand 

With 25 years of developing adhesive accessories for the trade behind us, our products are guaranteed to make trade jobs quicker and easier while maintaining the same high standards. 

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