Sealers and Compounds

With plumbing jobs being so diverse, having a range of plumbing sealers and compounds that can help in any situation is crucial.

From Plumbers Putty to P16 PVC Pipe Cement and P18 Gas Leak Detector, our plumbers’ materials are designed to get the job done in a wide variety of applications.

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Plumbers’ putty and more

For the ultimate sealant and adhesive, look no further than Plumbers Gold. Its hybrid polymer technology offers outstanding adhesion to all sanitary, bathroom, wet room, kitchen and plumbing materials. It will even work underwater!

Waterproof and permanently flexible, P16 Plumbers Putty can be used for sealing and bedding pipes, joints, sinks and fittings. PVC Pipe Cement and Plumbers Flux are also reliable when working with hot and cold water pipes.

To improve safety in residential, commercial and industrial settings, Gas Leak Detector will identify even the smallest leak. It is suitable for use with most gases and is compatible with paintwork, metals, wood and most plastics.

Industry-leading plumbers’ materials

Our plumbers’ materials are built on the same foundations as all of our plumbing products – the knowledge built up across over a quarter of a century helping the trade.

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