Andrew Scanlon


EB25 is the ultimate sealant and adhesive, suitable for use on virtually any substrate and in almost any weather condition. Using cutting edge technology and a unique polymer blend, Everbuild have developed a truly universal, premium quality hybrid sealant and adhesive suitable for and almost endless number of application possibilities.

Here we look at 25 different uses for EB25, whether used by the trade or DIY on home improvements.

1. Sealing Showers and Baths

As a waterproof sealant with mould resistant properties, EB25 is ideal for using around baths, showers, sinks and any other bathroom application and its superior flexibility means that even with daily use, the seal around a shower tray or bath won’t crack or pull away from the substrate.

2. Bonding Mirrors

Some adhesives can attack mirror backing, making them unsuitable for such applications, however EB25 doesn’t contain the nasty chemicals which can cause this to happen making it ideal for hanging mirrors to difficult surfaces such as tiles, making it a bathroom fitter essential.

3. Sealing & Bonding Counter Tops

Being sanitary and food safe means that EB25 can be used in kitchens and food preparation areas including bonding counter tops and sealing around the edge once installed.

4. Underwater Applications

Not only does EB25 have the ability to bond and seal virtually anything, it can also do this underwater making it the perfect product for almost any application.

5. Bonding Coving or Skirting Boards to The Wall

Gone are the days of filling holes after applying skirting boards with nails or screws, the incredible initial grab of EB25 means there is no slipping so ideal for applying coving overhead too.

6. Garden Repairs

No need to throw away your broken pots and planters in the garden; EB25’s ability to bond virtually any substrate, combined with its excellent weatherproof properties makes it the ideal product to fix concrete or terracotta pots.

7. Perimeter Pointing Around Internal and External Windows and Doors

The excellent gap filling properties of EB25 make it ideal for using around windows and doors, both internally and externally, and can even be overpainted if needed.

8. Sealing and Bonding On Sustainable Projects

Along with the multitude of benefits EB25 has to offer, it also carries the EC1Plus badge for very low emissions so can be used on environmentally friendly construction projects.

9. Bonding Carpet Grippers to Flooring

As with skirting boards, EB25 is an excellent nail replacement solution so can be used to bond carpet grippers to floorboards instead of traditional nails which can be time consuming during installation.

10. Bonding Insulation Boards to Walls

With the ability to bond with an extensive range of surfaces including metals, glass, concrete, most plastics, plaster, plasterboard, polyester, perspex, wood, enamel, painted surfaces and more, EB25 does an outstanding job at bonding insulation boards to walls.

11. Fixing Plasterboard to Walls

Forget the traditional plasterboard adhesives and use EB25 to bond plasterboard to walls, with its incredible bond strength providing the ideal solution.

12. Sealing & Bonding Metal Roof Panels

With excellent weatherproof properties and primerless adhesion to metals, EB25 is a useful tool for sealing and bonding metal roof panels.

13. Sealing Cracks & Gaps in Brickwork

EB25 has incredible gap-filling properties, which makes it ideal for sealing cracks and gaps in internal brickwork, with its weatherproof properties also making it suitable for sealing external brickwork.

14. Sealing Commercial Refrigerators

As it’s resistant to temperature extremes from -40°C to +100°C and also has food contact approval (ISEGA); EB25 can be used to seal commercial refrigerators and even freezers.

15. Replacing Existing Sealant

Traditional sealants often need replacing every couple of years, particularly in outdoor environments but EB25 will stand the test of time with its resistance to mould, temperature extremes and UV radiations.

16. Bonding Brick Slips

With incredible initial grab properties, EB25 can be used to bond brick slips to internal walls and most other surfaces.

17. Sealing and Bonding of Lead Sheets.

EB25 has the ability to bond and seal virtually any substrate, even lead sheets which can react with other types of adhesive.

18. Bonding of Transparent Surfaces Where an Invisible Finish is Needed

While some clear products can become cloudy over time, EB25 in Crystal Clear stays so, making it perfect for jobs where an invisible finish is needed.

19. Sealing and Bonding Hygienic Cladding Boards

EB25 is certified sanitary use meaning it can be used to seal and bond hygienic wall cladding in areas where a clean finish is essential.

20. Bonding Decorative Shower Panels

A new trend in bathrooms is the installation of decorative shower panels as an alternative to tiles and the mould resistance and waterproof properties of EB25 make it the perfect adhesive for this type of application.

21. Application Prior to Painting

Preparation is key when painting and EB25 is ideal for sealing any gaps around skirtings and around door frames beforehand to achieve the perfect finish.

22. Replacing Damaged Tiles

If a tile has become damaged and needs replacing, rather than wasting a tub of tile adhesive use EB25 to quickly and easily bond a new tile to a wall or floor.

23. Jointing Leaking Waste Pipes and Gutters

Replacing leaking waste pipes and gutters can be costly and time consuming, but with EB25 a leak can be fixed in an instant – even if the rain is pouring at the time.

24. Sealing & Bonding Duct Work

Available in white, black, grey, anthracite and crystal clear, EB25 is suitable for sealing and bonding most internal and external duct work and ventilation systems.

25. Bonding Acoustic Panels to Walls

EB25’s excellent adhesive properties are ideal for bonding acoustic panels to walls and most other surfaces.

These are just some of the uses for EB25 and we’d love to hear the jobs you’ve used it on too. Why not let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?