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Browse our collection of professional wood treatments for the trade. From wood varnishes to wood rot treatments, we have all you need to ensure a professional treatment and finish.

Our range includes industry favourites such as Shed and Fence Mate and Triple Action Wood Treatment, as well as specialist Woodworm Killer and products that act as an antifungal wood treatment.

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Wood treatments for the trade

For external surfaces like patios and decks, Triple Action Wood Treatment gives lasting protection from damage caused by wet rot, dry rot, fungi and wood-boring insects, while Woodworm Killer and SikaGard Woodworm Killer can treat greater infestations.

SikaGard Universal 5 Star Wood Treatment is an all-in-one treatment for wet rot, dry rot, fungi and wood-boring insects. Its fungicides and algaecides are finely dispersed so wood penetration and effectiveness is far greater than standard wood preservation products.

Wood Preserver is ideal for applications that require overpainting, and Shed and Fence Mate is a durable, water-repellent shed varnish available in five colours. Wood Stain is ideal for use on smooth planed exterior and interior timber such as window frames and garden furniture.

SikaGard Wood Preserver protects timber from all types of wood rot, mould and wood-staining fungi. It can be used internally and externally.

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Our entire wood care range has been developed to ensure you can get the job done right and guarantee top-quality, lasting results.

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