Surface Cleaners & Treatments

Our range of surface cleaning products and surface treatments are designed to handle a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications.

When the trade needs to clean up an exterior space to a professional standard, they can rely on these high-quality products to do just that.

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Brick and patio cleaners made for the trade

For maintaining high standards of cleaning, 401 Brick & Patio Cleaner is a fast-acting product that removes common stains. Mortar and cement blemishes are dissolved quickly, while ingrained dirt and paint are dealt with just as easily.

Removing fungal growths, algae and lichen is just as simple with the right products to hand. Both Patio Wizard and 404 Fungal Wash are up to the task, offering fast-acting fungicidal wash formulas which leave a helpful preventative surface after use.

Tougher tasks require tougher solutions. When presented with oil, petrol, or diesel stains on surfaces, many will turn to products like Oil-Away. While it also works as a general surface cleaner, it also has the power to wash away more persistent stains.

The Builders’ Brand brings you surface cleaners you can trust

All our surface cleaners are backed back our extensive knowledge of helping the trade get the landscaping products they can believe in.

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