Landscape Artist: The Sika Everbuild Guide To The Perfect Patio

Sika Pave Fix Plus

With trends continuing to sway away from traditional decking to stone paving it is essential that tradesmen have the best products for the job, especially as time is often of the essence for landscapers who rely daily on good weather conditions; not always easy with the typical British weather.

Over the years, the use of cement based mortars has declined with Paving Jointing Compounds such as Sika Pave Fix Plus being more widely used as their many benefits are realised. Requiring no mixing before use, being easy to use by simply brushing into joints and compacting and setting hard so it won’t wash out once set are just some of the advantages. Sika Pave Fix Plus is a jointing compound which offers these benefits and more as it can be used in wet conditions meaning work can continue throughout the year come rain or shine, so there’s no longer a need to put the job on hold. Ideal for use on patios, pavements and paths, the full list of benefits includes:

  • Ideal for joints greater than 5mm wide
  • Fast and easy to use – simply brushed into joints and compact
  • No mixing required
  • Can be applied in the wet
  • Sets hard – does not wash out
  • Does not shrink or crack
  • Helps to prevents weed and plant growth
  • Water permeable
  • Allows reuse of paving

The application of Sika Pave Fix Plus couldn’t be easier; simply start by dampening the paving slabs and sweep away any standing pools of water before opening one of the air tight bags and emptying small amounts out onto the paving. Concentrate on small areas at a time and brush the product immediately into the joints, compacting with a pointing trowel or other suitable tool to help ensure a solid fill then top up any joints which aren’t suitably filled. Repeat this process over the entire area and leave to set initially for 6-12 hours; however it can take up to four days for the product to fully set.



Sika Pave Fix Plus is available in the two most popular colours, Grey and Buff. Patio sealers such as Sika Patio Seal can be used afterwards to give protection against sunlight, water, oil and other potentially damaging substances. Sika Patio Seal can be applied to newly laid patios after around 8 weeks or recently cleaned paving to provide long lasting protection ensuring the treated area stays looking pristine for years to come. Once Sika Pave Fix have been applied, it is recommended to wait a week before any sealer is applied.

Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to achieve perfect pointing with Sika Pave Fix Plus.