Everyone knows the age old saying, ‘prevention is better than the cure’ and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to mould growth in areas with high humidity; something which has been a problem for households nationwide for years. High levels of moisture can cause unsightly mould, mildew and bacterial growth on walls, ceilings and sealed areas around bathtubs, sinks and shower trays.

Being called back to a recently installed bathroom to find blackened sealant and grout is a huge inconvenience, so using the right products for the job, from the start, is essential. Developed specifically for use in bathrooms, kitchens and wetroom areas, Forever White sealant contains Mould Shield; a high quality, antimicrobial additive which has been rigorously tested in accredited laboratories to show no mould growth to the sealant after 10 years (simulated aging).

Forever White can be used to provide a permanently waterproof seal around baths, sinks and shower trays, as well as interior windows and door frames. When applying the sealant it is vital that it is tooled down correctly to achieve the perfect finish which will last for years to come. Simply wet a gloved finger or tool such as the Smooth Out Tool with clean soapy water, and smooth out the sealant to a neat finish. Ensure saliva is not used to wet the surface as this can cause micro-organisms to enter the sealant and lead to mould growth.

It isn’t only the sealant which can be affected by mould growth as grouts can also become discoloured and unsightly over time. The range also includes Forever White Powdered Wall Tile Grout which, like the sealant also includes Mould Shield which protects the grout against mould and mildew growth.

If an anti-fungal product hasn’t initially been used and the prospect of replacing grout in a tiled area just isn’t feasible, then a restorative product such as Forever White Grout Reviver can be used to bring a new lease of life to the discoloured and dirty area. Available in a ready to use tube with a sponge applicator head for a quick and easy application, the contents are simply squeezed onto the area, ensuring a full and even coverage is achieved before removing the excess once dry.

Simply starting a job using the correct products can save time and money, two things which are invaluable to every trade.Forever White Range

Take a look at this video for advice on achieving the perfect seal.