Our new look range of professional sealants and adhesives launched in early 2019. The premise behind the Everflex range was to create a collection of trade quality sealants that would allow professional decorators, builders and construction workers to deal with almost any obstacle they encounter on the job.

This selection of high-performance sealants includes multiple all-in-one products that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, as well as several specialist products that can be used for more unique individual tasks.

In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting ten different uses for our Everflex range.


The process of sealing and bonding plasterboard is generally quite a tedious process that requires a variety of building supplies. But what if you could use a single product to bond plasterboard to brickwork and seal any gaps in your plasterboard? 

Everflex AC50 Acoustic Sealant & Adhesive was designed specifically for this. With a non-flammable, mould-resistant formula, it’s perfect for securing plasterboard and can also be painted over once set. In addition, this product has acoustic properties which means it does a far better job at soundproofing plasterboard than traditional installation techniques.

For projects that require fire resistant properties, Everflex AC95 Intumescent Acoustic Sealant & Adhesive was built specifically for sealing and bonding plasterboard too, however this product also provides up to 5 hours fire resistance.



Mirrors can be notoriously difficult to secure without the use of specialist adhesives, but this task is even more difficult in bathrooms where surfaces are often damp. Everflex Mirror Mate is a solvent-free adhesive based on Hybrid Polymer technology, specially formulated for bonding mirrors to surfaces without attacking the mirror backing. Approved surfaces include metals, concrete, most plastics, polyester, Perspex, glass, plasterboard, wood, enamel and more. 



The trouble with most general sealants and silicone products is that they’re unable to withstand high temperatures. This means that objects like ovens, metal chimneys and heating appliances can prove fairly problematic to seal with traditional silicone products. Our specially-formulated Everflex Heat Mate Sealant is temperature-resistant up to 300°C, which makes it the perfect solution for sealing the vast majority of industrial and domestic ovens. 



When it comes to perimeter pointing, the Everflex range includes numerous suitable products. One of the most popular of these products is Everflex 450 Builders Silicone; a premium low-modulus, non-corrosive silicone sealant that works with both porous and non-porous substrates. It can also be used as an expansion joint sealant or for roofing sealant purposes. 

The Everflex 450 Builders Silicone is suitable for all types of doors and window frames, however, if you’d prefer a specialised product for pointing PVCu frames, our Everflex 900N LMN Silicone is your best bet. Of course, you can always use our handy product selector tool to choose the exact product that suits your requirements. 



Caulk has long been the go-to solution for sealing cracks and holes in walls or ceilings. The only problem with traditional caulking products is that they often need to be left for several hours before overpainting or covering with wallpaper. Of course, this is far from ideal; and that’s where Everflex 125 One Hour Caulk comes in. This fast-drying decorator’s caulk is perfect for quickly filling in holes or sealing cracks in damaged plaster, walls or ceilings and can also be used around skirting boards, windows and door frames. 



As bathrooms are typically a more humid environment than other areas of the home, they often require specialist sealants to ensure a professional finish. Everflex 500 Bath & Sanitary Silicone is the perfect solution for sealing bathroom appliances such as baths, showers, toilets and worktops. With waterproof properties and a high-performance fungicide, this sealant excels in humid and damp conditions, preventing mould growth and offering a watertight seal. 

Another suitable option for sealing showers and baths is Everflex 565 Clean Room Silicone, however this product is angled more towards food preparation areas, hospitals and other environments that require increased sterilisation and germ protection. 



One of the more generalised products in our Everflex range, Everflex Weather Mate is the perfect tool for all external weatherproofing applications. This includes perimeter pointing around window frames, filling cracks in stone tiles, forming lap joint bonds, working with difficult surfaces such as bitumen, asphalt or lead, and any other general external weatherproofing tasks. But one of the more specialist applications where the Weather Mate sealant excels is in repairing and jointing roof guttering. Due to its weatherproof properties the sealant has no problem sticking to wet surfaces, which means it can be applied in all weather conditions and even underwater; something that’s required all too often when repairing leaking roof guttering. 



Everflex Galva Mate Sealant is a high-performance solvent-free sealant and adhesive that was specifically created for sealing high-velocity duct work in heating and ventilation systems. This product is designed to work with galvanised and stainless-steel surfaces, and is purposefully manufactured in a grey colour so that it blends in with most ducting and ventilation grills. In addition, it contains a high level of fungicide to prevent mould growth, which is crucial when it comes to heating and ventilation systems. 



Traditionally, lead flashing would be installed using mortar to secure it to the brickwork on a roof. However, mortar isn’t typically a flexible material, which leaves it prone to cracks and breakage, particularly in extreme temperatures. In recent years, specialist sealants have become a more popular solution for installing lead flashing, although many general sealants have problems bonding with soft metals such as lead or brass. Everflex Lead Mate Sealant was specifically designed to solve this, providing perfect adhesion to soft metals with excellent flexibility, weatherproof and temperature-resistant properties. 



It’s one thing for a sealant to be waterproof, but sealants that are safe for use in fish tanks and aquariums are few and far between. That’s why we launched Everflex Aqua Mate Sealant, ideal for sealing aquariums, domestic fish tanks, pond liners and all types of drainage piping. This high-performance sealant was specially manufactured with aquariums in mind, free from solvents and fungicides meaning that it won’t harm the fish at all.


As you can see, our Everflex range will help you to deal with any and every problem that you encounter on your construction site. Why not use our product selector to find the perfect sealant or adhesive for your next job?

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