Sikafloor 132 Level Rapid

Sikafloor®-132 Level Rapid is a 1-part, cementitious, polymer-modified, fast setting, smoothing and levelling compound for uneven rigid internal floors and ideal for applications where same day covering is required.

Transform uneven floors into a perfect canvas with Sikafloor®-132 Rapid Self Levelling compound. This advanced, one-part, polymer-modified, cementitious compound is designed for rapid setting and is ideal for projects where time is of the essence.

Whether you're working on concrete, cementitious screeds, or other rigid subfloors, Sikafloor®-132 Level Rapid ensures a smooth, durable finish every time. Its low cement formulation and use of supplementary cementing materials make it an environmentally friendly choice for all your flooring needs.

With Sikafloor®-132 Level Rapid, you can transform uneven floors into a perfect canvas quickly and efficiently. Its rapid setting capability is ideal for projects where same-day covering is required, saving you time and minimizing disruption. The optimized 16kg bag size reduces wastage, making it a cost-effective solution. Plus, its eco-friendly formulation supports sustainable building practices.

Suitable for use with many flooring finishes such as carpets, vinyl, wood block flooring, ceramic tiles and laminate flooring.

  • Foot-traffic ready in just 30 minutes
  • Loose lay coverings in 45 minutes
  • Bonded coverings in 3 hours


SAFETY DATA: Sikafloor-132 Level Rapid
TECHNICAL DATA: Sikafloor-132 Level Rapid

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