720 Febflor Fibreplus

Everbuild® 720 Febflor FibrePlus is a fibre modified, cement based, protein free powder. When mixed with water, Everbuild® 720 Febflor FibrePlus can be used to level out uneven floors and screeds.

Everbuild® 720 Febflor FibrePlus contains powdered polymer, thus eliminating the need for separate expensive latex liquids. When mixed as directed, Everbuild® 720 Febflor FibrePlus provides a free flowing mix that sets in just 4 hours and can be overlaid after only 8 hours.

  • Designed for the embedment of underfloor heating systems
  • Contains powdered polymer - no need for latex li-quid
  • Will not crack or shrink, even in the most demanding applications
  • Free flowing formula
  • Sets in 4 hours
  • Can be overlaid in 8 hours
  • Heat resistant
  • Deep fill 3-60mm depth in one coat
  • EN 13813 Class CT-C30-F6

50 boxes per pallet
 - 1 units per box


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DOC: 720 Febflor Fibre Plus
SAFETY DATA 720 Febflor FibrePlus
TECHNICAL DATA 720 Febflor FibrePlusEVERBUILD® 720 FEBFLOR FibrePlus is a fibre modi-fied, cement based, protein free powder.

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