Expanding Foams

Browse our wide selection of trade-quality expanding foams, suitable for applications from filling irregular gaps to providing increased insulation.

We stock handy extras too, including foam guns and foam cleaners. Register or login to your Everbuild account, order online and get the building foam products you need within three working days.

Find the right expanding foam for the job

As well as proven general-purpose gap filler foam, the range also features several specialist products with acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant properties. Choose from industry favourites such as Fix & FillFirefoam and Constructa Pro, our popular builder’s foam that stands up to moisture, rot and extreme temperatures once cured.

Whether at home or on site, using an expanding foam with insulation properties will improve the energy efficiency of the building you’re working on. Thermofoam provides an airtight seal to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency in buildings.

You can get an approved fire-rated foam in either handheld or gun grade specification. Either way, these products are ideal for sealing fire doors and other crucial areas

Other expanding foam filler options include precise products with limited expansion and reduced-waste solutions designed to last longer than conventional foams.

Quality expanding foam products, world-class service

As The Builders’ Brand, we’ve led the UK market for over 25 years. With our extensive product selection, world-class quality assurance and expert customer service, you can have full confidence in choosing Everbuild.

Create an online account or login today to order the gap filler foam your job needs. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact our friendly sales team. Our blog is a great place to go for industry tips and tricks – like this introduction to Constructa Pro expanding foam.

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