Electrical Tape

Our range of insulating tape for electronics are perfect for keeping electrical wires insulated and working well. 

With industry favourites such as Electrical Insulation Tape, an all-round trade-standard product and extremely useful insulation tape.

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Insulation tape built to last

Our Electrical Insulation Tape, made from PVC, is flame-retardant and easy to unwind. This tape provides insulation to most electrical wires and comes in a variety of colours – perfect for colour coding wires and promoting worksite safety. 

Use this product by applying to a clean and dry surface. Peel the required amount of tape from the roll and press firmly into place. 

You can trust The Builders’ Brand

Our electrical and thermal insulation tapes have been created on the back of 25 years of trade expertise. Just like all our trade tapes, they are made to get the job done. 

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