Survey and Line Marker Sprays

Browse our range of line marker spray paints, available in both permanent and semi-permanent formulas and a wide range of colours to keep your worksite organised and safe.

For permanent application opt for Trafficline, while the Surveyline range is available in seven different colours to mark out the different features and hazards of a worksite.

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Get things in line with marker spray paint


  • Semi-permanent formula lasts at least three months after application.
  • Available in seven colours: white (general), red (electricity), yellow (general, gas), blue (water), orange (general), green (cable work) and black (covering old lines).
  • Suitable for turf marking and use in landscaping, as well as marking positions for holes, cables, machinery and more.


  • Heavy-duty latex formula, ideal for car parks, warehouses, playgrounds, etc.
  • Trafficable in one hour at normal temperatures.
  • Available in three colours: white (general), yellow (caution/hazard), red (danger/prohibited).

Get survey markers with The Builders’ Brand

Our line marker paints are developed with the same expertise as the rest of our building products, so contact us if you have any questions or check our blog for further insights.

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