Smart Tack

Browse our full range of Smart Tack contact adhesive products for the trade, including Smart Tack Handy and Smart Tack Bulk Tank. Smart Tack can be used to bond an extensive variety of materials such as laminate, vinyl, fabric and more.

Whether you need a convenient aerosol for smaller jobs or you’re tackling something more substantial, the Smart Tack range has you covered.

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The smarter adhesive system

Since 1994, Sika Everbuild has brought innovative products to the trade – and Smart Tack adhesive is no different.

Smart Tack can be bought in a 500ml can or as a 17kg bulk tank adhesive, capable of covering 120m² of laminate when applied to both surfaces. If opting for the tank, don’t forget to add the Smart Tack Bulk Tank Gun and Hose to your order.

A low-odour adhesive with no CFCs, Smart Tack contact adhesive is also a cost-effective option, going approximately three times further than applying conventional contact adhesive by spreader. It’ll also help you get the job done quicker, with a fast tacking time of 3-5 minutes and ability to be handled, cut, drilled or planed within five minutes of closing.

Get Smart Tack from The Builders’ Brand

With over 25 years’ experience, it’s easy to see why we are The Builders’ Brand at Sika Everbuild and Smart Tack is just one of the innovative products in our range of adhesives.

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