Popular Interior Wood Flooring Trends In 2019

When it comes to interior design, your choice of flooring can make or break a project. From traditional carpets to mosaic tiles and everything in-between, the abundance of styles on the market offer an incredible degree of flexibility for professionals in the trade, interior designers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

One particular type of flooring that has been popular since the start of time, and will no doubt remain popular for many years to come, is wood flooring. Available in an endless variety of colour tones and finishes, wood flooring is ideal for spaces that require easy maintenance and for areas of the home that see a lot of footfall such as the kitchen or living room.

In this blog post, we take a look at some of the most popular interior wood flooring trends of 2019.


Darker Tones

There’s been a huge rise in the popularity of dark hardwood floors recently, particularly with dark grey and brown colour tones. These darker tones go hand-in-hand with almost all common interior colour palettes; offering a modern, contrasting look when combined with white walls and lighter furniture, but also fitting right in with rooms that have darker walls and furniture. 

The market has also moved away from the warm undertones that used to feature in darker hardwood floors throughout the 1990’s and more towards cooler undertones that create a subtle finish.

If you’re considering investing in some new wood flooring it’s important to bear in mind that dark colour tones tend to be more susceptible to dirt and scratches. This means they often require more work to maintain than wood floors that feature lighter colour tones.


Textured Woods

Textured wood is another trend that has become highly popular for use in interior flooring. It creates a natural, rustic finish that imitates untreated wood and looks great across most colour tones.

Popular textures include wire-brushed woods and distressed woods, which enhance the graining of the wood to give it more aesthetic appeal. These styles fit right in with traditional kitchens, bedrooms and living areas, or in spaces that already boast wood features.


Eco-Friendly Woods

Bamboo flooring has become increasingly popular due to its low cost and suppliers marketing it as an “eco-friendly” product. There is some truth in this – as the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo regenerates quicker than any other wood. However, in order to transform bamboo into the beautiful flooring that you see in so many modern homes, bamboo requires a lot of treatment involving harmful chemicals and adhesives. In addition, bamboo needs to be exported from China in order for it to be used in projects over here in the UK. 

People have started to catch on to this marketing stunt, which has led to a rise in popularity of alternative eco-friendly wood flooring solutions. For example, cork, taken from the bark of a cork oak tree, is one of the most popular sustainable flooring solutions right now. With a life cycle of approximately 200 years, each tree can be harvested up to 15 times throughout its lifetime.

Another popular eco-friendly flooring solution is “reclaimed wood” – wood flooring that has been re-used from a previous building or structure. With people becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of mass deforestation, it only makes sense to put good timber to use instead of just throwing it out. The vintage style of reclaimed wood seems to be a major selling point too. 


Wide Panels

In recent years, wide panel flooring has become extremely popular as a way to make a room look bigger. This style lends itself to all eras of design, offering a contemporary feel to modern spaces but also helping to bring out the character of buildings with a bit of history, particularly when combined with a textured wood finish. 


Matte & Satin Finishes

Shiny, gloss finishes have become very outdated in recent years. This is partially due to the fast-changing landscape of interior design, but also due to more people becoming aware of the impracticality of gloss wood finishes; it reflects light far easier than most other finishes, which makes it far more prone to dirt, scratches and dents.

As a result, subtle alternatives such as matte or satin finishes are in high demand. They offer a natural, practical design that goes hand-in-hand with the eco-friendly, minimalist style that many homes use in 2019. It’s also a lot easier to clean than other types of wood flooring. 


All in all, it seems that the industry is moving towards more subtle, sustainable designs that embrace the outdoors. The increase in natural, eco-friendly flooring solutions also means that wood floors will require more maintenance using a variety of wood care products; from wood stains to varnishes

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