New Website Launched!

Welcome to the brand new Sika Everbuild website.

We are so pleased to be able to present our brand new responsive website to you. Now you can not only browse our range of products while sat at your desk, but also while you are on the move, on your phone or tablet.

After listening to what our customers wanted from our website we have tailored it to fit everyone’s needs, so the new site comes with some exciting new features as well as keeping the sections that everyone knows and likes:

Ordering Section
Existing customers (as you know we have a strict merchant and distributor only policy, we are unable to supply to end users) are now able to register for a log in on the site. This gives you access to the ordering section where you will be able to add products to your pallet, whether it’s through the drop down ordering list, or on the product pages themselves. The new system will remember your orders so you can easily replicate this next time you want to order from us. This handy guide which you can download below shows you all the in’s and out’s of how to use this section of the website.

Online Ordering Guide – New

Download Section
Rather than going into each product to download a datasheet you can now visit the downloads section and select to download all or specific sections. Ideal for when you need any type of datasheets on multiple products.

FAQ Questions
Everyone has very similar questions for our teams, whether it is a general question or a product related one. We now have a central location on the website where you can see these. If you think there is one missing just get in touch – we will be updating this all the time.

Improved Search Facility
The search function on the site has always been one of the number one complaints on the old site. So we now have a much better search function that predicts what you are starting to type to help you find products more quickly and easily.

There are lots of other nice features that you will find as you spend time on the site, so we hope you will take the time to have a look around. Hopefully you will enjoy browsing the site as much as enjoyed designing it.

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