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Aquaseal Liquid Roof

Aquaseal Liquid Roof: The Easy Way To Install Flat & Pitched Roofs

Flat roofs have been used in the UK for many years and have recently seen an increase in popularity with design trends leaning towards a sleek and modern look. Whilst flat roofs may have a poor reputation for being problematic, when installed and maintained correctly they can have a wide range of advantages including: Being […]

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Aquaseal Wet Room System Kit

Get a Tanking Deal with Aquaseal Wet Room System Tanking Kit

The popularity of wet rooms has increased dramatically over recent years with busy lives leading to the preference for taking quick showers rather than long, relaxing baths; however this doesn’t mean that style has to go out of the window. Wet rooms can create a striking impression with the clever use of glass partitions, niche […]

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Febond Blue Grit

Get a Grip on Plastering with Febond Blue Grit

Plastering is considered an art form by many, requiring expert precision and finesse to achieve the perfect finish, something which can only be achieved if the correct surface preparation is carried out beforehand. When plastering onto common substrates the most used preparation method is to prime the surface with a PVA such as Febond PVA – […]

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Pinkgrip Used on Wood

Get Stuck In With The Sika Everbuild Guide To Grab Adhesives

The world of grab adhesives can be a confusing one with so many different products available on the market offering a multitude of features and benefits for a wide range of applications. Where historically builders and tradesmen would have used mechanical fixings to attach skirting boards, door frames, shelving etc. more and more are now choosing […]

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How To Install Wood Flooring: The Sika Everbuild Guide

The trend for wood flooring in the home, office and public buildings continues to grow however some are still being laid without the correct installation methods being followed. We’ve all heard the saying ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ and when it comes to laying wood flooring this statement couldn’t be truer with good surface preparation […]

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Tips For Using Sika, Everbuild & Feb Products Through The Winter

Winter can be a tough time for the trade so here we have some handy tips for using your Sika, Everbuild and Feb products in the cold weather. Expanding Foams – At low temperatures the thickness of the foam increases. This gives the effect of the foam having no propellant & does not come out […]

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