Get stuck in with the Sika Everbuild guide to grab adhesives

The world of grab adhesives can be a confusing one with so many different products available on the market offering a multitude of features and benefits for a wide range of applications. Where historically builders and tradesmen would have used mechanical fixings to attach skirting boards, door frames, shelving etc. more and more are now choosing […]

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Landscape Artist – The Sika Everbuild guide to achieving the perfect patio

With trends continuing to sway away from traditional decking to stone paving it is essential that tradesmen have the best products for the job, especially as time is often of the essence for landscapers who rely daily on good weather conditions; not always easy with the typical British weather. Over the years, the use of […]

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Into the Woods – The Sika Everbuild Guide to Installing Wood Flooring

The trend for wooden flooring in the home, office and public buildings continues to grow however some are still being laid without the correct installation methods being followed. We’ve all heard the saying ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ and when it comes to laying wood flooring this statement couldn’t be truer with good surface preparation […]

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Coming Clean – The Sika Everbuild Guide to Staying Clean on Site

Historically, builders have put up with dry, cracked and dirty hands on site, treating it as an occupational hazard and something that can’t be avoided. It is only recently that many have discovered that this isn’t something they have to live with – there are various solutions to this in the form of barrier creams, hand […]

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Tips for Using Sika, Everbuild and Feb products throughout the Winter

Winter can be a tough time for the trade so here we have some handy tips for using your Sika, Everbuild and Feb products in the cold weather. Expanding Foams – At low temperatures the thickness of the foam increases. This gives the effect of the foam having no propellant & does not come out […]

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New Website Launched!

Welcome to the brand new Sika Everbuild website. We are so pleased to be able to present our brand new responsive website to you. Now you can not only browse our range of products while sat at your desk, but also while you are on the move, on your phone or tablet. After listening to […]

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