25 Years Of Expertise

Here at Everbuild, we pride ourselves on our expertise when it comes to sealants, adhesives and building chemicals, something we have refined throughout our 25 years of manufacturing. Not only do we offer a superior product range filled with products to suit almost any application imaginable, but we also go above and beyond to ensure […]

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Sika Everbuild Labs

Sustainability is Key to Manufacturing Successfully

Turn on the TV, search online or open a newspaper and you’ll no doubt see a story regarding single use plastic, energy usage and the ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint to help the planet. Sustainability is a word used throughout the manufacturing industry and has never been as widely discussed as […]

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Our Guide To Winter Admixtures: Get Ready For Low Temperatures

Building admixtures can be found on building sites across the country providing numerous benefits to the workability of mortar, concrete, screeds and render, becoming especially useful during winter months when temperatures drop and working with these materials becomes increasingly difficult. Accelerators and air entraining plasticisers are the two most common types of admixtures available offering […]

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Forever White Sealing Bathroom

Forever White – Perfect Results Every Time

Everyone knows the age old saying, ‘prevention is better than the cure’ and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to mould growth in areas with high humidity; something which has been a problem for households nationwide for years. High levels of moisture can cause unsightly mould, mildew and bacterial growth on walls, ceilings and […]

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Anchorset Green 150 Application

Anchorset Chemical Anchors: The Ultimate Fixing Solution

Chemical Anchors can often be overlooked when searching for a fixing solution as users shy away from these seemingly complicated products; when in reality an exceptional fixing performance can quickly and easily be achieved with benefits which outweigh the traditional methods. Unlike the widely used but intrusive expansion anchors or plastic plugs, Chemical Anchors make […]

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Basement Waterproofing with Febtank Super Waterproof Coating

In recent time utilisation of previously unused basements and cellars has become a viable and economic alternative to home extensions or even moving home. However the ingress of water into basements continues to be the biggest barrier to the exploitation of these valuable and underutilised spaces. The term ‘tanking’ is often used to describe the […]

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Aquaseal Liquid Roof

Aquaseal Liquid Roof: The Easy Way To Install Flat & Pitched Roofs

Flat roofs have been used in the UK for many years and have recently seen an increase in popularity with design trends leaning towards a sleek and modern look. Whilst flat roofs may have a poor reputation for being problematic, when installed and maintained correctly they can have a wide range of advantages including: Being […]

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Aquaseal Wet Room System Kit

Get a Tanking Deal with Aquaseal Wet Room System Tanking Kit

The popularity of wet rooms has increased dramatically over recent years with busy lives leading to the preference for taking quick showers rather than long, relaxing baths; however this doesn’t mean that style has to go out of the window. Wet rooms can create a striking impression with the clever use of glass partitions, niche […]

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Febond Blue Grit

Get a Grip on Plastering with Febond Blue Grit

Plastering is considered an art form by many, requiring expert precision and finesse to achieve the perfect finish, something which can only be achieved if the correct surface preparation is carried out beforehand. When plastering onto common substrates the most used preparation method is to prime the surface with a PVA such as Febond PVA – […]

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Pinkgrip Used on Wood

Get Stuck In With The Sika Everbuild Guide To Grab Adhesives

The world of grab adhesives can be a confusing one with so many different products available on the market offering a multitude of features and benefits for a wide range of applications. Where historically builders and tradesmen would have used mechanical fixings to attach skirting boards, door frames, shelving etc. more and more are now choosing […]

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Sika Pave Fix Plus application

Landscape Artist: The Sika Everbuild Guide To The Perfect Patio

With trends continuing to sway away from traditional decking to stone paving it is essential that tradesmen have the best products for the job, especially as time is often of the essence for landscapers who rely daily on good weather conditions; not always easy with the typical British weather. Over the years, the use of […]

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How To Install Wood Flooring: The Sika Everbuild Guide

The trend for wood flooring in the home, office and public buildings continues to grow however some are still being laid without the correct installation methods being followed. We’ve all heard the saying ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ and when it comes to laying wood flooring this statement couldn’t be truer with good surface preparation […]

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