Aquaseal Liquid Roof: The Easy Way To Install Flat & Pitched Roofs

Flat roofs have been used in the UK for many years and have recently seen an increase in popularity with design trends leaning towards a sleek and modern look. Whilst flat roofs may have a poor reputation for being problematic, when installed and maintained correctly they can have a wide range of advantages including:

  • Being cheaper to initially construct due to fewer materials being required than a pitched roof
  • Freeing up of internal space as attics can be utilised more efficiently without having to contend with the sloping roof walls
  • Creating a more energy efficient building as the materials used to cover the area help to provide insulation.Aquaseal Liquid Roof

There are many products and solutions available on the market for creating a waterproof flat roof, with cold applied liquid roof coatings being a popular choice as unlike felt, asphalt and bitumen membranes, heat isn’t required for application making the process a much safer option.

Liquid roof coatings are advanced polyurethane based products which create a protective waterproof barrier by providing a seamless covering even around difficult areas such as pipes, drains and wall joints. Unlike felt, Liquid roofing can be easily brushed around these areas with no risk of gaps or joints being missed creating the seamless finish which is essential for achieving a fully waterproof surface.

Aquaseal Liquid Roof is a one part cold applied liquid roof membrane, ideal for use on both flat and pitched roofs and features Moisture Curing Technology allowing the product to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the fast curing process. It is completely rain resistant after just 10 minutes and will even cure if a pool of water forms on top.

Requiring a two coat application, Aquaseal Liquid Roof can be easily applied by brush or roller, achieving a fully waterproof roof in just five simple steps:

  1. Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean and free from dust and loose friable material
  2. Apply the first coat at 1mm thick using a brush or un-solvented roller, cutting into roof skylights, flues, chimneys etc. first
  3. Allow approximately 6-12 hours between coats (6 hours at 20˚C or 12 hours at 10˚C)
  4. Apply the second coat, again at 1mm thick.
  5. After 18 hours the product will have fully cured leaving a totally waterproof covering

Aquaseal Liquid Roof Step by Step

Aquaseal Liquid Roof can be used on a number of substrates including concrete, mortar, brick, roof tiles and more. It is also possible to use on top of asphalt, roofing felt and bituminous coatings however these surfaces require additional preparation as they must be fully fibre reinforced beforehand to avoid the surface softening and potentially staining. If reinforcement is required, Sikalastic Fleece 120 can be used to enhance the strength and durability of the liquid roof coating.

Flat roofs can seem a daunting prospect but when the correct installation and maintenance methods are followed, they can create a multi-functional space which can last for years to come.