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Wood Stain

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Everbuild Quick Drying Wood Stain is a professional, low solvent wood stain that enhances the natural qualities of wood, and provides long lasting protection. The weatherproof protection provided also gives a crack and peel resistant finish and excellent resistance to ultra violet light degredation. Ideal for use on smooth planed exterior and interior timber, such as doors, window frames, architectual timbers, conservatories, cladding & garden furniture etc. Under normal weathering conditions it can be expected to provide protection for up to 5 years. 

The Everbuild range of Wood Stain's now also features a Maintenance Clear Coat - a CLEAR wood stain maintenance coat that protects and enhances wood without colouring or darkening. As with the coloured wood stains, it can be expected to provide protection for up to 5 years and is touch dry in 30 mins.

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Wood Stain Wood Stain Wood Stain
Wood Stain
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WSTAINSNO02 Wood Stain Natural Oak 250ml 6 240 5029347612177
WSTAINSDO02 Wood Stain Dark Oak 250ml 6 240 5029347612245
WSTAINSMAH02 Wood Stain Mahogany 250ml 6 240 5029347612191
WSTAINSPN02 Wood Stain Antique Pine 250ml 6 240 5029347612184
WSTAINSRW02 Wood Stain Rosewood 250ml 6 240 5029347612221
WSTAINSTK02 Wood Stain Teak 250ml 6 240 5029347612207
WSTAINSWAL02 Wood Stain Walnut 250ml 6 240 5029347612214
WSTAINSNO07 Wood Stain Natural Oak 750ml 6 112 5029347611330
WSTAINSPN07 Wood Stain Antique Pine 750ml 6 112 5029347611347
WSTAINSMAH07 Wood Stain Mahogany 750ml 6 112 5029347611354
WSTAINSWAL07 Wood Stain Walnut 750ml 6 112 5029347611378
WSTAINSRW07 Wood Stain Rosewood 750ml 6 112 5029347611385
WSTAINSDO07 Wood Stain Dark Oak 750ml 6 112 5029347611392
WSTAINSTK07 Wood Stain Teak 750ml 6 112 5029347611361
WSTAINCLEAR07 Wood Stain Maintenance Clear Coat Clear 750ml 6 112 5029347611514
WSTAINSPN2 Wood Stain Antique Pine 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611415
WSTAINSNO2 Wood Stain Natural Oak 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611408
WSTAINSMAH2 Wood Stain Mahogany 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611422
WSTAINSWAL2 Wood Stain Walnut 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611446
WSTAINSRW2 Wood Stain Rosewood 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611453
WSTAINSDO2 Wood Stain Dark Oak 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611460
WSTAINSTK2 Wood Stain Teak 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611439
WSTAINCLEAR2 Wood Stain Maintenance Clear Coat Clear 2.5ltr 2 105 5029347611521
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