Powerful Grip Tape

Powerful Grip Tape


Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape is a new type of Double Sided tape that breaks the rules, with an incredible immediate bond strength that has to be seen to be believed. It will bond to virtually any material, indoors or outdoors including ceramics, brickwork, wood, metal, plastics and pvc. It is moisture resistant and will not degrade with U.V light. Ideal for use in the home, industry, construction and office. Can be used in many applications to replace drilling, plugging and unsightly screws. “Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape – The Tape That Thinks It’s A Glue!”

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Powerful Grip Tape
Powerful Grip Tape
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2POWERGRIP12 Mammoth Powergrip Tape Clear 12mmX2.5mtr 48 105 5029347605896
2POWERGRIP25 Mammoth Powergrip Tape Clear 25mmX2.5mtr 24 105 5029347605773
2POWERGRIP50 Mammoth Powergrip Tape Clear 50mmX2.5mtr 12 105 5029347605766