SikaMur InjectoCream-100

SikaMur InjectoCream-100


SikaMur InjectoCream is the first step in the SikaMur Damp Proofing System consisting of an injectable damp proof course that can been easily filled into pre-drilled holes. SikaMur InjectoCream diffuses within the damp wall forming a water repellent barrier to stop the water passing from one place to another.

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SikaMur InjectoCream-100
SikaMur InjectoCream-100
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SKMURINJCM100 SikaMur InjectoCream - 300ml 12 104 7612894892604
FPSKMURINJ100 SikaMur InjectoCream-100 - 600ml 10 72 7612894718324
SKMURNOZKIT SikaMur Nozzle Kit - - 1 0 5055492700179