Sika 1 Screed Mortar

Sika 1 Screed Mortar


Sika-1 Screeding Mortar is part of the Sika-1 Structural Waterproofing System and is a pre-batched multi-purpose screed mortar. Sika-1 Floor Screed Mortar is a factory proportioned pre-bagged powder component containing specially graded aggregates, sand cement and additives, that is mixed with Sika 1 Liquid and water as the gauging liquid to produce waterproof floor screeds as part of the Sika 1 Waterproofing System.


  • Part 4 of the Sika-1 Structural Waterproofing System.
  • Structural waterproof screeds to resist water pressure below ground.
  • Internal waterproof tanking.


  • Part of the Sika-1 Structural Waterproofing System.
  • Quality controlled production and delivery.
  • Simple and consistent mixing with low shrinkage.
  • Colour coded packs to aid selection and quality control.
  • Better finishing.
  • No impurities - reduces efflorescence damage.
  • For brick, concrete and stone substrates.
  • Wall, render and screed application internally and externally.
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Sika 1 Screed Mortar
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