Schönox LC Powder and Liquid

Schönox LC Powder and Liquid

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Schönox® LC Powder and Liquid a protein free, two-component self-levelling screed for interior use that can be laid at a thickness of 3-40mm without aggregates, and 10-30mm with aggregates.  4.5 litres of Schönox® LC Liquid is applied to a 25kg bag of Schönox® LC Powder to create a latex- & polymer- modified levelling compound that is ideal for use below textile and other flexible floor coverings, as well as parquet flooring.  It is ideal for use with underfloor heating systems, and can be used on concrete, rapid-hardening cement systems, cement screeds, gypsum screeds, new mastic asphalts IC10/15 (layer thickness up to 5 mm), and also old substrates such as ceramic/terrazzo.  Foot traffic can be accepted after approx. 3 hours.  Floor coverings (up to 5mm thick) can be laid after 24hrs.

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Schönox LC Powder and Liquid
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